Is It [insert trendy word of the week]

Maybe, I didn’t write it with any design paradigm agitating me, I just made it to suit my needs and tastes, spared myself the clutter and included a modal menu with a bunch more bookmarks I am inclined towards using. Whatever minimalism even means anymore from a way of polishing a lack in the depth of knowledge you hold or some high art inspired tendency towards spartan decor that is way more money than it should be, I was not concerned with it while writing this site.

Though it might seem minimal in content and complexity, that was because I don’t need much in my startpage, thus I don’t load it up with flashy things I will never use. Straight, no chaser

Not Locally Hosted

This site I link to as my homepage on Vercel’s servers not a local implementation due in part because of the devstack requiring building but also because I don’t see the advantage to having something local that is a set of links to content online. If internet is down, those links are just as useless to me if I host it locally or on Vercel’s serverless platform. So I let them handle it, point my browsers to the appropiate page and BAM! Houston, we have startpage!