Learning Prompts

Curated Resources List
Provide a curated list of resources (books, articles, videos, etc.) for learning more about [SUBJECT/AREA OF INTEREST].
Improving Skills
Offer actionable advice for improving [SKILL/ABILITY], focusing on specific strategies and best practices.
Expert Guidance
Assume the role of [Expert/Advisor] and provide guidance on [TOPIC/CHALLENGE].

Bias Warning: Experts often provide guidance on their topic influenced by the millieu of the field they are experts in and for this reason often fail to anticipate major industry shifts or the concerns of those not traditionally considered relevant by that field.

Learning Plans with Weekly Instructions
I want to learn [LANGUAGE] for [USE CASE], Can you create a roadmap to learn in [MONTHS] with weekly plan. Include resources and links for each week.

Conceptual Understanding

Conceptual Importance and Integration
Explain the importance of [CONCEPT] and list three ways to ensure [PROJECT] is [CONCEPT]
Principles and Concepts Related to a Topic
Explain the key concepts and principles of [TOPIC] in a way that is accessible to a non-expert audience.
Balanced and Comprehensive Summary of a Topic and Related Context
Provide a comprehensive and balanced understanding of {{TOPIC}}, discussing its history, significance, practical applications, principles, limitations, ethical implications, key contributors, advancements, controversies, and various perspectives. Ensure the response is focused, relevant, and avoids redundancy. Use appropriate and non-colloquial language. Include relevant sources for further research.
Understanding Related Concepts
What are the differences between [list of similar concepts] in [LANGUAGE/ FRAMEWORK]

What are the differences between let, const and var in Javascript?
Conceptual Understanding by Analogy
Explain [LANGUAGE/ FRAMEWORK] [CONCEPT(s)] with a real-world analogy

Explain JavaScript promises with a real-world analogy
Compare Topics
Provide a comprehensive comparison of [TOPIC A] and [TOPIC B], highlighting the key similarities and differences.
Analysis of Success or Failure of X
Analyze the major factors contributing to the success/failure of [EVENT/PROJECT/COMPANY/PROGRAM/ETC].
Analysis of Technology and its Impact on Industry or Field
Explain the underlying principles of [CONCEPT/TECHNOLOGY] and its potential impact on [Industry/Field].

Problem-Solving and Practical Solutions

Skills by Practical Example
Teach the fundamentals of [SUBJECT/SKILL] to a beginner, using clear explanations and practical examples.
Problem Solving Steps With Stakeholder Considerations
Propose a step-by-step plan for addressing the issue of [Problem], taking into account the needs of [STAKEHOLDERS].
Means of Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency
Suggest innovative ways to improve [PROCESS/METHOD] for increased efficiency and effectiveness.
Overcoming Disruptions and Seizing Trends
Recommend strategies for [COMPANY/ORGANIZATION] to overcome the challenges posed by [TREND/DISRUPTION].
Marketing Plan
Devise a comprehensive marketing plan for [Product/Service], targeting [Audience] and utilizing [CHANNELS].

Methodological Determination

Best Practices
What are the best practices when creating [PROJECT]?
Best Practices by Language/Framework
What are some best practices for writing clean and maintainable code in [LANGUAGE/FRAMEWORK]?
Creating Best Practices
Outline a set of best practices for [ACTIVITY/TASK], ensuring optimal results and minimal risks.

Checking for Comprehension

Leetcode Questions
Ask me a random easy/medium/hard Leetcode question on [TOPIC] and evaluate my solution based on correctness, and the time and space complexity.
Mock Interview Questions
Conduct a mock interview with [Person/Role], exploring their thoughts on [SUBJECT/EVENT].

Personal Analysis and Self-Discovery

Value Analysis
Explore the factors that have influenced my [VALUES/BELIEFS/PREFERENCES], and how they may have shaped my identity.

Warning: This should not be understood to mean that one's values or beliefs are exclusively preference-based. especially those related to faith or emerging from a search for spiritual truth (mine sure aren't)

Determine Influence of Experience/Relationship
Discuss the potential role of [EXPERIENCE/RELATIONSHIp] in my personal development, considering its impact on my choices and worldview.
Goal Realization
Examine the importance of [GOAL/ASPIRATION] in my life, and outline a plan for achieving it.

Future Forecasting

Warning: So far in human history, attempts to predict the future have failed, the degree of that failure being magnified exponentially the further in the future the prediction reaches for. Thus take the output of these prompts with a grain of salt and look at them more as indicative of what others think the future will hold at present based on the perceptive limits of human beings (and our aggregated thinking as a machine chat bot) and not as prophecy.

Future Forecasting By Field
Forecast the future trends and developments in [Industry/Field], considering the potential opportunities and challenges.
Future Forecasting By Technological Innovation
Estimate the impact of [Technology/Innovation] on [Industry/Field], and how it will reshape the landscape.
Envisioning Impacts on Individuals/Groups by Issue
Envision the future of [Domain/Issue], and the potential implications for [Individuals/Organizations]."