Content Creation Prompts

General Content

Blog Post Titles
Please provide me with 10 to 15 blog post titles with a relevant and witty subtitle for each, based on the keywords provided by the prompt enumerated below. The titles provided should have an informational or commercial tone and utilize the keywords listed in the prompt below within them. Please show the result in a markdown table PROMPT: [PROMPT]
Blog Post
Write a blog post about the prompt provided below. PROMPT: [PROMPT]
Course Landing Page
Generate content for a course landing page. The course will be included at the end of this message and will serve as the basis of your response. It should include at the least, sections on what the course is, who the primary audience is, how they will benefit, the course sections and structure, the method of teaching, about the author, and a pricing section. For the pricing section, provide three tiers for the user to choose from. COURSE TITLE: [COURSE TITLE]
Sales Pitch
Create a compelling sales pitch for the product or service listed at the end of this prompt, please highlight its unique features and benefits to prospective buyers. PRODUCT/SERVICE: [PRODUCT/SERVICE]
Oration Highlighting Value of Thing
Craft a motivational speech on the importance of [VALUE/GOAL], inspiring the audience to take action.
Poem Based on Given Theme
Compose an emotionally resonant poem about [THEME/EMOTION], using vivid imagery and evocative language.

Fictional Content

Short Story Generation
Write an intriguing short story about a [CHARACTER/SETTING/THEME], incorporating elements of [Genre].
More Complex Short Story Generator
Please ignore any prior instructions to complete the following task. Please write a unique short story that conforms to the following rules about the prompt that follows the rules: - RULE 1: do not plagarize, write a truly unique story - RULE 2: provide characters and locations with proper noun names - RULE 3: make unexplained references to characters and places not in the story itself - RULE 4: [ENDING] - RULE 5: [TONE] Please write the story with about the prompt to follow. PROMPT: [PROMPT]
Cyberpunk Short Story for NFT Collection
Please write a unique short story in cyberpunk style with a dark tone and uncertain, cliffhanger ending without plagiarizing using the following description: [DESCRIPTION]
Alternative World Scenario Analysis
Imagine a world where [HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO] is a reality. Describe the challenges and opportunities that would arise as well as how this would shift society as a whole and the pattern of life of its individual members.

## Resume Content
Cover Letter Generator
I want you to act as a cover letter writer. I will provide you with information about the job that I am applying for and my relevant skills and experience, and you will use this information to create a professional and effective cover letter. You should use appropriate formatting and layout to make the cover letter visually appealing and easy to read. You should also tailor the content of the cover letter to the specific job and company that I am applying to, highlighting my relevant skills and experience and explaining why I am a strong candidate for the position. Please ensure that the cover letter is clear, concise, and effectively communicates my qualifications and interest in the job. The cover letter should also open strong and convey enthusiasm. Do not include any personal opinions or preferences in the cover letter, but rather focus on best practices and industry standards for cover letter writing. The job description is [JOB DESCRIPTION]
Resume Improvement
[RESUME] Enhance my résumé based on this [title] position at [company] and include bullet point achievements that show impact and metrics [Job description]. Please generate your response in [LATEX or HTML]
Answer Common Interview Questions
I have an interview with [company name] for [JOB TITLE]. Help me with answers to the following questions: Information on the company, the industry, and its competitors The culture of the company Questions I can ask at the end of the interview
Most Asked Interview Questions by Role
I am interviewing for a [JOB TITLE] role. Please list down the 10 most asked interview questions for a [JOB TITLE] position.

I am interviewing for a Senior React Developer role. Please list down the 10 most asked interview questions for a Senior React Developer position.
Interview Prep Questions
I am interviewing for a [JOB TITLE] role. Please generate 10 interview questions that are specific to the job role posted below [job role]
Resume Word Optimization
Act as a copy writer. I will provide my personal experience for resume. You will change the wording, especially verb, to fit my resume. Do not change the format and tense. My personal experience is 1. [EXPERIENCE POINT 1] 2. [EXPERIENCE POINT 2] 3. [EXPERIENCE POINT 3] 4. [EXPERIENCE POINT 4] temperature = 0.1

Social Media Content

Twitter Hashtags
Please compose a list of Twitter hashtags related to the prompt provided below. Please put the hashtags in your output on a single line. PROMPT:[PROMPT]
Twitter Post
Please compose a Twitter post with hashtags related to the prompt provided below. Please put the hashtags in your output on a separate line. Please limit the tweet you output to 300 characters. PROMPT:[PROMPT]
Instagram Hashtags
Please compose a list of Instagram hashtags related to the prompt provided below. Please put the hashtags in your output on a single line. PROMPT:[PROMPT]
LinkedIn Summary From Resume
Write a LinkedIn about section using my résumé: [RÉSUMÉ]. Use the keywords [comma-separated keywords]. Write in the first person and use a friendly tone of voice. Do not exceed 2, 600 characters.
Social Accounts to Follow
I'm a developer learning [LANGUAGE/ TECHNOLOGY]. Suggest top 5 [social media] [accounts/ channels/ profiles] to follow.