Prompt Engineering Links

ChatGPTThe most common and easiest to extend the functionality of using browser extensions or userscripts
ClaudeAn "ethical" chatbot, with file upload functionality that makes it a useful option
BardGoogle's version also has upload functionality

Courses and Text-Based Guides

Learn PromotingMore general and comprehensive course in a textual format, expansive and helpful
Google's Generative AI Learning PathFrom Google, thus will tend to its products but otherwise great option
Prompt Engineering for DevelopersA free course about Prompt Engineering specific to ChatGPT and developer-centric.
BrexHQ's Prompt Engineering GuideGitHub Readme guide to the engineering of apt prompts
Prompt Engineering GuideA site like the first two that overviews Prompt Engineering Topics
OpenAI's CookbookThe Cookbook as a GitHub Repo
HuggingFace's Course RepositoryThe repository for Hugging Face Diffusion Course
ChatGPT Prompt BookA book about prompting ChatGPT
Prompt Engineering RoadmapAwesome links in mindmap format to learn prompt engineering (and more)
the BookNotion Database about PE

Video Courses

Andrew Ng's DeepLearning.AIA short course on prompt engineering for developers
Andrej Karpathy's Let's build GPTA detailed dive into the machine learning underlying GPT
Prompt Engineering by DAIR.AIA one-hour video on various prompt engineering techniques.

Lists of Useful Information

Other than this one, of course.

Generative AI ResourcesUniversity of Michigan curated list from a data science perspective
Prompt In-Context LearningNumerous Useful Guides and Related Papers
Awesome Prompt EngineeringTons of useful links here
Awesome GPT Prompt EngineeringEven more useful links
Prompt Engineering ResourcesFocused on text to image generation

Interesting Posts and One-Off Guides

Awesome ChatGPT PromptsDifferent prompts to produce various output generally by having ChatGPT assume a specified role
PiCL's ChatGPT PromptsAwesome and expansive list of possible prompt scenarios for using ChatGPT in various contexts, very helpful ideas that prompts can be built upon.
PiCL's Prompt Engineering GuideAnother helpful resource providing a guide for writing effective prompts and working with LLMs prompts to achieve a specific goal.
Imgur PostImgur Screenshots for World Building with chatGPT
Book WritingPost about using GPT-4 to write a book
Tips for Book WritingPost with tips for writing a book
Prompt InjectionArticle about prompt injection attacks on prompt based language model AIs
AIMDevTool for training AI models and tracking metadata output from a control panel
ChatGPT-PromptEngineeringPython script that reads a pdf and then feeds it into GPT as prompts
StablediffyCreates stable diffusion prompts easily for those with minimal prompt engineering bg
ViduraPrompt management in a Python application
Jailbreak UserscriptUserscript for your browser to jailbreak chatGPT

Online Text to Image Generators

My primary interest here is finding AI text-to-image generators that will run remotely (current hardware imposes limitations, sorry I don't have a job and do this all day), is free and if possible is not either too glitchy to use nor impose any terms-of-service limitations on generated content. I can police my own image generations, though do see the utility of safeguards in a more uncertain or automated context .

DezgoA decent option which has a lot of features like in-painting available for free with no account. Uncensored
CatbirdCool option with 3 or 6 images per generation but lacks model control.Sometimes uncensored, throws errors otherwise for NSFW content
ProdiaCurrent favorite, not censored with model control but 1 image. Best option for now still in June 2023
Mage SpaceAlso free, no account but models limited
O CriadorBrazillian Option that is uncensored, unlimited. Needs account, lots of rough edges exist.
ZooEnables accessing Dall-E and other interesting models
Artbothuge array of options, no logins but slow

Related to Stable Diffusion and the crafting of prompts for it and its multitude of variants.

Artists DatabaseProvides pictures typical of various artists for inclusion in prompts
Prompt Modifiers DatabaseLots of modifiers with examples
stable-diffusionOpenAI's official repository for StableDiffusion, a technique for efficient sampling from diffusion models.
DiffusionA repository which focuses on diffusion models. It provides implementations, tutorials, and resources related to StableDiffusion.
Diffusion-modelsA collection of Jupyter notebooks that showcase various applications and experiments using diffusion models.

Interesting Articles and Posts

Post DescriptionLink
Imgur Screenshots for World Building with chatGPTImgur Post
Post about using GPT-4 to write a bookReddit Post
Post with tips for writing a bookReddit Post
Fine-Tuning GPT-3 for specific promptsArticle Code
OpenAI's Cookbook for Improving ReliablityGithub

API Key Pages

OpenAILLM -biggest name and most commonly needed
BrowserlessSearch Service - limited but free
SerperSearch Service - less intrusive, more intuitive