07. Image Prompting


  • iterative and research heavy process to make images consistently according to a specific style using LLM image generators
  • below are some means and techniques for getting desired results from such prompts

Style Modifiers

  • information about artists, styles, etc to get specific styles such as rendered with unity, made of glass, art by Leandardo DeVinci
  • photorealistic, by greg rutkowski, by christopher nolan, painting, digital painting, concept art, octane render, wide lens, 3D render, cinematic lighting, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, hyper realist, photo, natural light, film grain

Quality Boosters

  • terms added to a prompt to improve certain non-style-specific qualities of the generated image.
  • High resolution, 2K, 4K, 8K, clear, good lighting, detailed, extremely detailed, sharp focus, intricate, beautiful, realistic+++, complementary colors, high quality, hyper detailed, masterpiece, best quality, artstation, stunning


  • using the same word repeatedly (like very, very, very) to improve appearance

Weighted Terms

  • providing relative measures following a colon (positive or negative) that provide emphasis to the image generator
  • a useful means of creating textual separation is the pipe symbol "|"

Fix Deformed Generators

  • image artifacts do often appear, negative prompts help mitigate this
    • these can also be weighted
    • the model is highly influential on the amounts of artifacts generated.

Shot Type

  • shot type here refers to the shot in its photography meaning (the angle and perspective of the image)

-Wide Shot/Establishing Shot, Long Shot, Full Shot, Medium Shot, Cowboy Shot, Medium Close-Up, Close-Up, Extreme Close-Up, Two-Shot, Over-the-Shoulder Shot, Point-of-View Shot (POV), Reaction Shot, Insert Shot, Cutaway Shot, Low Angle Shot, High Angle Shot, Dutch Angle/Tilted Shot, Aerial Shot, Tracking Shot, Dolly Shot, Steadicam Shot, Crane Shot, Handheld Shot, Whip Pan Shot, Zoom Shot, Rack Focus Shot, Split Screen Shot, Freeze Frame Shot, Slow Motion Shot, Fast Motion Shot, Montage Shot, Cross-Cutting Shot, Bird's Eye View Shot, Worm's Eye View Shot, Reverse Shot, Reaction Shot, Panning Shot, Tilt Shot, Follow Shot, Static Shot, Establishing Drone Shot, Underwater Shot, POV Drone Shot, Crash Zoom Shot, Snorricam Shot, Tracking POV Shot, Vertigo Shot (Dolly Zoom), Flashback Shot, Flashforward Shot, Static Long Take Shot.


  • A specific online image generator (paid)